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Presentation: "The Critical Thinking Ecosystem: Why it’s everybody’s responsibility"

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

This presentation was delivered at Cambridge University Press' "Better Learning" Conference in Cambridge on July 2nd, 2019.


Critical thinking is consistently presented as being a core component of English language, and in particular EAP, courses in the UK. This is reflected within curricula, course prospectuses, published materials and documents such as the Cambridge Framework for Life Competencies. But how much genuine buy-in is there for this amongst teachers and academic managers? Do all teachers feel prepared and willing for English language courses to be repurposed in this way? In their day-to-day practices, do English language departments and the wider institutions themselves reflect on what they are teaching about critical thinking in their classrooms? In the background to this are those wider issues which are currently influencing the wider higher education arena, such as no platforming and safe spaces, and how these concepts align with the critical.

A pdf of my PowerPoint slides at this event can be downloaded here.

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