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I have authored or co-authored more than 20 books on Teacher Development and English Language Teaching, with publishers including Cambridge University Press, Pearson and Garnet Education. A full list can be seen (and purchased) here. Reviews of some of my publications can be found here.

Teaching in Challenging Circumstances

Cambridge University Press - part of the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers Series

Teaching in Challenging Circumstances is an essential resource for teachers who work in difficult situations, which might include formal education systems in the developing or developed world and informal or non-formal teaching in areas with growing numbers of refugees or displaced people. It draws on academic and professional research to provide practical advice that will help teachers address concerns including teaching large classes, working with limited resources and supporting learners who have experienced interrupted education and who may be suffering from trauma. It offers suggestions for creating a positive learning environment and implementing effective teaching practice, and discusses the importance of resilience and wellbeing.

Click here to find out more about the contents of Teaching in Challenging Circumstances.

Unlock Book 4 (Reading and Writing)
Unlock 4.jpg

Cambridge University Press

Unlock Reading and Writing Skills Level 4 provides 60-90 hours of classroom material for students at the intermediate / upper intermediate level. It inlcudes a range of interesting texts and a variety of scaffolded and supported writing tasks. Critical Thinking sections give students frameworks to formulate their own opinions and express themselves effectively in the end-of-unit academic tasks. Unique research into common learner errors (using the Cambridge English Corpus) focuses the language used in Unlock on those areas learners find most challenging. Videos from Discovery Education™ provide new angles on a range of academic subjects.

50 Steps to Improving your Writing
50 Steps writing.jpg

Garnet Education

This book addresses the challenges facing every student beginning a program of academic study. This comprehensive guide gives you everything you need to write well-constructed academic essays. It is packed full of information that is critical to attaining better marks, including: how to apply critical thinking skills; how to strengthen your arguments; how to reference; how to develop your vocabulary; and how to avoid plagiarism. 50 Steps has been developed to mirror best practice in academic essay writing: researching, planning, writing and then proofreading an essay. Multiple entry points allow you either to work through the book in chronological order or to dip in and out depending on your needs. The book contains a detailed answer key, a full glossary of terms, plus comprehensive reference material that provides study templates and useful hyperlinks, as well as additional examples and information about academic writing. Click here for a review by EAP Foundation and here for one by ETAS Journal,  

50 Steps to Improving your Grammar
50 Steps grammar.jpg

Garnet Education

The book clearly differentiates the grammatical requirements needed in a variety of contexts, for example in business, study or everyday conversation. The step-by-step guide is packed full of information critical to achieving grammatical accuracy, including: building on existing knowledge of grammarkey grammar areas to communicate more effectively in English; checking understanding of key areas of grammar with clear activities and exercises; and demonstrating that English grammar is not as difficult as people think. There is also a chapter devoted to academic grammar. 50 Steps to Improving Your Grammar is arranged in an order that reflects best practice, beginning with word class and progressing through sentence structure, punctuation and style. The book is designed so that students can either work through the steps in order or can focus on known areas of weakness. Each step should take approximately one hour to complete.

Global Issues in an Uncertain World
Global Issues in an Uncertain World.png

IATEFL's Global Issues Special Interest Group

As joint coorindator of IATEFL's Global Issues SIG, I was also the editor of 'Global Issues in an Uncertain World', a fascinating insight into 20 years of writing about global issues in education. This volume explores four key themes in particular, namely:


1. What does it mean for a school, or classroom, to be global?

2. How can I be a more global teacher?

3. What role can languages play in global development?

4. Learning into action: What impact can a global pedagogy have on the world?

Unlock 1-5 (Critical Thinking Editor)
CUP 2nd edition.jpg

Cambridge University Press 

I was the critical thinking editor across all 10 levels of Cambridge University Press' second edition of its successful Unlock series. Unlock Second Edition develops students’ ability to think critically in an academic context right from the start of their language learning, fostering the skills and strategies students need to tackle academic tasks when gathering and evaluating information, organizing and presenting their ideas, and then reflecting on them. The critical thinking approach I developed is informed by a range of academic research from Bloom in the 1950s, to Krathwohl and Anderson in the 2000s, to more recent considerations relating to 21st Century Skills. It is also signposted with skill-specific icons so that students know which critical thinking skill they are focusing on and when. 

Contemporary Academic Writing
Contemporary Academic Writing.jpg

Garnet Education 

Contemporary Academic Writing represents a new and interesting approach to writing academic essays, providing staged support and guidance from the sentence level right through to whole text. There is a strong focus on the high-frequency language and grammatical structures which are found in academic writing. The course employs a collaborative approach, whereby students are encouraged to work things out for themselves so as to deepen their understanding, thus enabling them to use this knowledge in real-life situations. Click here for a review by BALEAP.

Cambridge Academic English (Teachers)
Cambridge Academic English Teachers Note

Cambridge University Press 

A three-level (B1+ to C1) integrated skills course for higher education students at university or on foundation courses. Designed specifically for students preparing for university, this integrated skills course develops the language and real academic skills essential for successful university studies across disciplines. With authentic lectures and seminars, and with language informed by the Cambridge Academic Corpus and Academic Word Lists, the course guarantees that the English and the study skills students learn are up to date and relevant to them. The Teacher's Book provides extensive teacher support including teaching notes and additional worksheets for the classroom.


Cambridge University Press 

Paired skills course focusing on critical thinking, academic skills, and language students need most. Prism is a five-level (A1 to C1), American English paired-skills course (Reading/Writing and Listening/Speaking), created for students who need to develop a range of academic skills. This Level 3 (B2) Reading and Writing Student's Book prepares students for college classes by developing their critical thinking, reading and writing skills, including grammar for writing. Special sections teach how to be a successful college student, and the accompanying video programme sets the stage for each unit's topic

New Language Leader (Teachers)
Language Leader Teachers Notes by Chris

Pearson Education 

I wrote teachers notes and supplementary material for New Language Leader, for both elementary and pre-intermediate levels. This material was for the print and online versions of this successful language learning course. 

Unlock 4
50 Steps Writing
50 Steps Grammar
Unlock Critical
Global Issues
New Language Leader
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