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Trainer & Writer: @Palestine

@Palestine is a new initiative from the British Council in partnership with Sue Leather Associates in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The aim of the programme is to develop the 21st Century Skills with Higher Education teachers, lecturers and managers from Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

As part of the introductory phase of the programme, I delivered workshops in Amman (Jordan) and Ramallah. The one-day workshop in Amman was for teachers from Gaza, while the workshop in Ramallah was a more detailed, three-day workshop. The key objectives of the training was to:

  • Upgrade the participants’ theoretical and academic understanding of 21st century skills;

  • Provide opportunities (through tasks and activities) for participants to develop their own 21st century skills;

  • Introduce participants to the whole programme (which includes synchronous and asynchronous online elements)

In the coming weeks, I will be developing materials for the critical thinking and creativity modules of the course, and delivering online seminars to the participants.

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