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  • “…an extremely informative book …a sound investment for any student who wants to improve their academic writing in English.” - EAP, April 2014

  • "The author has attempted to put everything about writing academically into one, comprehensive volume and has done a sterling job." - Peter Fullagar for English Teaching Professional, Issue 88, September 2013

  • "Overall, I think this is a fantastic book and I recommend it to everyone who teaches IELTS, academic English or essay writing." - Sandee Thompson for IATEFL Voices, Issue 238, May-June 2014

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  • “This book is a gem: engaging, thorough and systematic. If there is just one grammar text to possess, this may well be it.” - Peter Benedict Wilson, Western Sydney University, Australia

  • "This book is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to improve their English grammar. Each stand-alone unit is short enough to be manageable, while providing clear and realistic examples. A learner could work through the book in order and complete each unit, or choose the specific topics that address their individual needs. The book is engaging, upbeat, and fast-paced." - Dr. Monica Pike Marino

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  • “A useful resource coming from a reliable author who stays focused on his target audience for each title he writes. ” - Adina Pirtea, review for BALEAP

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