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Trainer and Materials Writer: British Council Nigeria - Teaching at the Right Level

British Council Nigeria has recently launched a major new programme in Kano state in the north of the country, involving nearly 100 primary schools. The initiative uses the Teaching at the Right Level methodology, and is being delivered in association with Pratham, an Indian NGO.

The training model used is a cascade model containing three tiers – Master Trainers, Mentors and Primary Teachers. I have been working at all levels of the cascade in supporting the participants. Specifically, my role in each tier has been as follows:

  • At the master trainer level, to create and deliver a six-day training course which supports the master trainers (senior education administrators and experienced teachers), focusing in particular on the dual language approach used in the training, and developing a facilitator’s guide.

  • At the mentor trainer level, to support the master trainers in delivering the training to mentors, and provide top-up / refresher training.

  • At the teacher level, to help mentors deliver the training to teachers, and provide top-up / refresher training.

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