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Teacher Training: Syrian Refugees in Bath, with Julian House

Working with the local charity Julian House in Bath, I have trained three Syrians now settled in the UK to develop the English language skills of newly-arrived migrant Syrians. The teachers have good English skills themselves, but have little or no experience of teaching.

The overall aim of the programme is to support this group as they navigate some of the challenges faced when moving to a new country, and having fairly low level language skills. As migrants coming from a conflict area, this group faces additional difficulties in this process.

One of the main advantages of this programme is that the teachers experienced similar challenges, and understand how language can play a crucial role in leading a good life in the UK. They also know the situations – and the kind of language needed in those situations – which may be particularly important, for example at the doctor’s, at the dentist’s, talking to parents at the school gate, getting buses, in the supermarket and so on.

My role in this programme has been to support the three teachers, and help develop their pedagogic skills through face-to-face training, and lesson observation and feedback.

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