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Researcher and Writer: Online and F2F Networks in MENA

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Teachers groups and networks (both online and offline) are crucially important for creating shared identities, building capacity and sharing good practice. I was commissioned by the British Council Egypt to write a paper (falling somewhere between a report and an academic paper) which could provide a knowledge-based framework to inform empirical quantitative and qualitative findings from a sample of teacher group members in the MENA region, with a view to making a series of recommendations for practical initiatives. The research focused primarily on members of English language teacher groups and networks.

I addressed three specific questions in this paper, namely:

  1. What impact does the governance and management of teachers’ groups in the MENA region have on their ability to create positive change?

  2. What are the main activities of teachers’ groups in the MENA region, and are they meeting the educational needs of those countries and territories?

  3. To what extent do teachers’ groups use technology effectively to support teachers in their professional development?

My report can be downloaded here.

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