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Effective Differentiation in an ESOL Classroom

Please click below for a pdf of the slides used in this session.

Effective differentiation in an ESOL cla
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Differentiation is a crucial skill in any English language classroom, but especially so in an ESOL context. This session will explore quick and easy methods for differentiating core classroom techniques alongside relevant and appropriate examples, such as setting tasks (e.g. so all learners feel they have made progress), teaching skills (so that the same learners can all use the same materials), eliciting ideas (so all learners can participate equally), giving feedback (to enable learners to progress at the right speed), correcting mistakes (so learners are being corrected when appropriate) and giving instructions (so that everyone understands a particular task). Other specific strategies which will also be covered include grouping strategies, seating layout, assigning roles and setting homework.

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