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Book Publication: Unlock Levels 1-5 (Critical Thinking Editor)

I was the critical thinking editor across all 10 levels of Cambridge University Press' second edition of its successful Unlock series. Sample content from the series can be downloaded from the Cambridge University Press website.

Unlock Second Edition develops students’ ability to think critically in an academic context right from the start of their language learning. Critical thinking is at the heart of Unlock, fostering the skills and strategies students need to tackle academic tasks when gathering and evaluating information, organizing and presenting their ideas, and then reflecting on them.

The critical thinking approach in Unlock is:

  • is informed by a range of academic research from Bloom in the 1950s, to Krathwohl and Anderson in the 2000s, to more recent considerations relating to 21st Century Skills;

  • has a refined syllabus with a better mix of higher- and lower-order critical thinking skills;

  • is measurable, with objectives and self-evaluation so students can track their critical thinking progress;

  • is signposted with skill-specific icons so that students know which critical thinking skill they are focusing on and when;

  • is supported with specific teacher development material on critical thinking in every unit of the all-new Teacher’s Manual and Development Pack so teachers can teach with confidence.

… so students have the confidence to apply the critical thinking skills they have developed in their future studies, giving them the best chance of academic success.

Furthermore, the Classroom App enables students to build on their skills with a Critical thinking exercise in every unit. Unlock Second Edition Critical thinking is supported with professional development material for teachers so teachers can teach with confidence.

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